Fattoria Casalbosco


Velvety hills extend for kilometers and surround Casalbosco winery.

The 150 hectares of land are kissed by the sun and dominate the valleys between Prato and Pistoia, with the natural beauty of the Apennines that create a harmonious background. The hillsides of Casalbosco are decorated by vivacious vineyards. From a distance they look like a colorful patchwork with red, purple gold that dominate under the Tuscan sun.

The estate faces the south south-east, guaranteeing the perfect ripening of the grapes and therefore a guaranteeing a high quality wine. Each vineyard has been recently planted, after a careful selection, so as to cultivate only the best.

Casalbosco is located in a strategic intersection for many interesting sites in the heart of Tuscany: near Pistoia, thirty minutes away from the sea and from the Chianti Classico area, and twenty kilometers away from the noble city of Florence.


A passion that runs through the family, a divine pleasure for wine.

Excellence and refined taste for wines from Fattoria di Casalbosco sink deep into the roots of the Becagli Family.

Wines produced following great Tuscan enological traditions from extremely precious vineyards – Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Syrah – choosing the best grapes with a process of elaboration directed by an exceptional wine expert.

The children, who run the winery, have been very successful thanks to their entrepreneurial experience in the textile and fashion field. And with the same success and enthusiasm they are facing this new adventure through the vineyards.


A new image for each bottle expresses a soave content.

Simple linear yet elegant lines follow one below the other on the labels recalling the geometric decoration of Tuscan Romanesque-style cathedral in Pistoia, the baptistery in Florence and the thousands of churches spread throughout the sweet Tuscan hills.

Chianti docg, Chianti Riserva docg, Carminio, Dorato, compose, together with the sublime Fuor Civitas, wine dedicated to Pistoia the complete masterpiece that depicts the traditions of Casalbosco just enriched from Terrecotte monocultivar vinificated and aged in clay anphora.

The protagonist of this masterpiece is a wine that stands out for its prestige and value: Orchidea, the production is limited to only the best selection of grapes dedicated to Raffaella Becagli

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